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Your Higher Self

Each one of us is born with a Higher Self. The Higher Self volunteers as the guide for our earthly incarnation. The Higher Self has been with us through many incarnations and contains all information about us at the soul level and all the incarnations we have had across time and dimensions. The Higher Self sits at the Crown chakra and The Higher Self works through the path of intuition. It knows our life plan and guides us through life. Connecting with your higher self puts you in touch with a part of you that can be your guide from the inside.

How does one connect with the Higher Self and how does this feel?

One of the Key ways to access and connect with the Higher Self is to step out of the way and surrender; calling upon God/Source/ Super Consciousness to guide you with wisdom and strength.

Surrender to grace,
The Ocean cares for each Wave
Until it Reaches the Shore.
You are given more Help
Than you will Ever know.


When you are truly in communication with the Higher Self you are in the flow and guided by intuition. It’s a positive feeling, a sense and a knowing to be guided by wisdom from a higher source that has the access to the larger picture. It is guidance activated by love and totally opposite fear – based programming or conditioning.

The Higher Self when accessed can guide you, as it has access to the bigger picture. Working with your Higher Self keeps us in tune with universe. Making the High Self your guide can open up many pathways for abundance, make way for healthy relationships and create a balanced and calm way of living life no matter what the external circumstance.

Would you like to access your Higher Self? The Higher Self is accessible through the process of surrender and then connection is strengthened through  daily connection using healing modalities like Reiki, Pranic healing etc.

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