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The Shift of the Ages

As we all know; the earth revolves around the sun in cycles. The Sun of our Solar system likewise completes a full revolution of the Great Central sun every approx. 25,000 years; bringing it in perfect alignment with Great Central Sun. The year 2012, was the start of the transition period into the Golden Age also called the Age of the Aquarius.

The Winter Solstice of 2020, was unique with the Conjunction of the two master planets in our solar system, i.e. Jupiter and Saturn on 21st December 2020 at 0 degrees. This conjunction was quickly followed by the Conjunction of Seven Planets on February 11th, 2021. This signifies the transition point from the Age of the Pisces which planet earth has experienced over the last 2000 years and heralds the beginning of the Age of the Aquarius. This shift in energies is expected to continue all the way till the year 2032. And the birth of a new earth era from the period 2032 to 2040.

The shift can bring about sudden and more pronounced changes in the way we think and live together as a community; including a move towards a more sustainable form of living, increase in care and respect towards mother earth and love towards the plant and animal kingdom.

On the inner levels; humanity as a whole is raising its consciousness; moving towards inner personal transformation and shifting to a vibration of unconditional love, acceptance and joy.

The Age of Aquarius also brings about shifts in mentality from competitive to collaborative; regressive to progressive; from religion centric to spirituality as way of life; from polarisation to a more heart – centred way of living. The shift in energies affect mankind as a whole; making people more aware of discordant emotions and imbalanced lifestyles that are not in alignment to the new age being birthed.

5 things you can do to help yourself during the time of the shift

  • Have a regular self-care practise and practise self – love.
  • Find a meditative practise that calms and centres you
  • Eat foods that are nourishing, plant – based and eliminate foods that are known to cause/fuel inflammation.
  • Embrace your emotions and feel them, see how your body responds when you learn to sit with uncomfortable emotions; making them your friend instead of your enemy.
  • Empower yourself to break out of the ‘victim mode’ and take affirmative action.
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