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Do you want to live a life of freedom? I help you heal from past Trauma safely and confidentially without it “taking forever”

Sunandha Karthik

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Do you want to live an abundant life filled with freedom, happiness and vibrant health? Is this what you seek?

On the surface you have it all, a perfectly happy home, a well-paying job or a successful business. You eat clean & exercise.

Yet, your energy level is low and you possibly have a medical ‘label’.  Have you paused to connect this with how you feel on the inside?  Do you wonder why you often feel anxious, angry, tired and exhausted? Perhaps, you feel guilty you are unable to cherish all that you have. Maybe you feel a little helpless and sometimes a little hopeless. You just wish you could get your energy back and live an abundant life.

Have you ever wondered if there is a solution to this? I have been exactly where you are now, in the past, and so, ‘YES’ there is a way forward.

Hello! I am Sunandha Karthik, Dubai based Energy Healer, Teacher & Empowerment Coach.

Allow me to partner with you so we can start to unlock what’s holding you back from truly cherishing your life.

As a coach, I help you uncover and balance emotions held from deep rooted past negative events, that prevent you from living in abundance. As a healer, I work with your energy body clearing energetic debris, cords and trapped emotions to balance your energy levels.

I teach you techniques to self – heal; equipping you with practical tools and resources to heal at the deepest level. Heal with love, forgiveness, compassion and surrender to experience freedom, happiness and abundance from within. Remember…

“What you seek, is seeking you” – Rumi.

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15th & 16th April, 2023

Magnified Healing® Phase 1

  • Searching for you soul purpose?
  • Your reason for taking incarnation on earth?
  • Tired of the old patterns, the endless anger, the frustration, the feeling of being limited?
  • Want to Live a Life of Joy, Freedom, Light and Love
  • Want to be part of bringing in the 5th Dimensional qualities of Pure Love, Light and Freedom into Manifestation on Earth?


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