Magnified Healing

Magnified Healing

With the current shifts taking place on earth a vast array of healing techniques are being directly channelled to help mankind heal and evolve. One amongst these techniques is Magnified Healing. It is a fifth dimensional healing technique directly transmitted by Ascended Master Kwan Yin to earth in the year 1992 to two individuals Giselle King and Kathryn Andersen living in United States and working as healers.

These were two Reiki masters who were simple, humble and kind following their spiritual path, conducting meditations and teaching reiki in MIAMI. Both attended a workshop in 1983 which was the start of their journey with Magnified Healing. Post this they began having visions of Kwan Yin and it was very difficult for them to accept these visions, as Kwan Yin is largely unknown in the West. Finally, they accepted these visions and agreed to teach the Magnified Healing technique that directly transmitted by Kwan Yin to them.

Who is Kwan Yin?

Kwan Yin lived in China and is one of the beings on earth who sustained life on earth for 800 years. She is also known as Shakti in India, Tara in Tibet and Guan Shi Yin in China and Tibet. She forms the feminine trinity with Mother Mary and Isis.

She heard the miserable cries of human beings at the gates of ascension and turned back to help mankind. She therefore chose not to ascend but remain available for helping human beings. Therefore, she is known as Boddhisattva.

About the technique:

The beauty of the technique is that it activates the central channel also called the Sushmna nadi and the chakra system to facilitate healing. In this technique we go beyond the seven primary chakras all the way up to the 33 chakras above and below the human body while building the pillar of light.

The brain, pineal and pituitary glands are primed on a daily basis to build a pyramid of light activating the internal pyramid in the brain.

In addition, the seven basic chakras are healed at the root. Along with this healing the chakras are activated through mudras and chanting in sacred languages of light to enable healing at the root level of all disease. The calcium in the spine is cleared on a daily basis, preventing ossification of the spine and retaining youthfulness in the physical body. Using sound, colour, music, breadth and visualisations, this technique energies the hands of the healer to co-create with Kwan Yin and heal the root of imbalances in the body. It raises the healing ability from great to “GRAND”.

Magnified healing as a technique is useful in treating a wide variety of cancers, bone and teeth and issues at the organ level of the client can be healed resulting in healing at cellular level. This technique raises the consciousness of the healer to that of co-creation with Kwan Yin.

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